What is FIRST-a-Holics Anonymous?
FIRST-a-Holics Anonymous is a state of mind. Since the FIRST Robotics competition started in 1992 people have become addicted to FIRST. FaH was created to have a common area for people to share stories/memories of their experiences in FIRST.
How do I join?
FIRST-a-Holics is not an elite club where you need to be voted in. If you are addicted to FIRST then you can become a member by saying that you are. It is that simple. Perhaps some day there will be a section of the site where you can post your name but you will always be able to become a member by saying you are one.
Can I contribute to FaH?
Yes you can. Everyone is welcome to suggest a symptom, a download, a link, or anything else. Please send them to webmaster@first-a-holics.com
Where did the message board go?
Since FaH was last used on a regular basis Chief Delphi has become a popular place to post FIRST related info and anything else one can think of. There is no reason to compete against them.
Where did the AIM Directory go?
The AIM Directory has disappeared however shortly there will be a new user database once I get around to it
Where did the stories go?
Since FaH was just recently brought back to life all of the old stories are gone and new ones need to be added. Please send any stories/poems/jokes/etc. to stories@first-a-holics.com.